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CITRA tells local ISPs to block caller-identity apps to protect privacy
August 13, 2018, 8:40 am

The Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) said Sunday that it has blocked caller identification detection applications from Internet service providers in the State of Kuwait to protect people's privacy.

In a press release, CITRA explained that the blockage was taken after findings that these programs violated privacy law and facilitated access to private information, which resulted in security protection loss of information, along with various family oriented disputes, crimes, identity theft, including theft of bank information.

The user, when installing these "number detection applications, gives the application access to all data related to his/her device, such as numbers and addresses without any deletion or modification, and such data become stored, including each phone number that was stored in the device.

The statement added, based on privacy policy, the applications collect and use phone numbers, names and data corresponding to the numbers loaded on the user's device and upload them to the application database recklessly without permissions or authentication mechanism.

CITRA affirmed its complete rejection to these violations and the severe consequences that may result to the usage of similar applications, at the same time stressing importance on privacy laws and protection of data, being one of the most important goals of the authority.

CITRA also prepared a "privacy protection" list which was adopted by its Board of Directors to ensure the protection of the circulation and processing of private data in a legitimate and safe manner without disclosure to any third parties, except to the consent knowledge of data owners, stressing that those who violate this regulation will be held legally accountable.

Source: KUNA

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