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CIS to hold lecture on India’s rising image and growing soft power
October 10, 2016, 4:50 pm

Center for India Studies (CIS), a Kuwait based, independent, select think tank group, formed with the collaborative efforts of prominent intellectuals living in Kuwait will be holding a lecture by Saumitra Ghokale on 15 October at 7:30pm at the Indian Community School (Amman). The topic for the lecture will be ‘India’s rising image and growing soft power.’

Saumitra Ghokale is a motivational speaker and a member of the International Center for Cultural Studies.

CIS-Kuwait’s objective is to become a center of excellence, to kick start and brainstorm innovative ideas and thoughts that can lead to a stronger, secure and prosperous India with the motto  ‘Think and Evolve, to build and progress’. The organization is working towards evolving as a creative force capable of producing positive ideas which can influence various decision making bodies in the society. The idea is to use collective wisdom and creativity to build a force which can show directions to our society in various fields.

The event is open to all. For more information and to confirm your attendance: Visit, or call Murali Potti: Cell: 99517193 / Anand. T. P: Cell: 99793953 / Mahendra Prathapan: Cell: 60494958

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