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CIGI 2nd Int’l Thematic conference highlights social responsibility of leaders
March 5, 2018, 2:04 pm

The two-day long CIGI 2nd Thematic conference hosted by Centre for Information and Guidance India (CIGI) Kuwait Chapter, concluded on Friday, 2 March at Crown Plaza with a ground-breaking gala leadership Summit. The summit was attended by Embassy officials, leaders of CIGI from India and various GCC chapters, prominent figures from Kuwait’s business and social arena, leaders of mainstream organizations active in Kuwait along with Kuwait TV and other media personalities.

Dr. Amir Ahmed, Chairman of CIGI Kuwait chapter in his presidential address stressed CIGI’s greater roles of upbringing the weaker class of the society by education, irrespective of their religion, caste or creed. Dr. Amir urged leaders to take up the daunting tasks, so as to enable the weaker society to cope with the potential challenges and reach greater heights of excellence. “We all know that a leader is the one who is resourceful, tolerant, peaceful, inclusive, humble and filled with empathy for the weak. Instead of leaving them to dwell in their weak social, economic and literacy situation, CIGI as a prominent NGO should play a much bigger role in uplifting the weaker section and transforming them into educated, resourceful and responsible citizens, contributing positively in the nation-building process and promoting a peaceful and progressive society,” Dr. Amir continued.

The summit was formally inaugurated by Shri Krishan Kumar Pahel, First Secretary, Embassy India, Kuwait and in his inaugural speech, he applauded CIGI’s two decades long activities in the field of Education in GCC as well as in India and appreciated CIGI for playing a unique role in the empowerment of the marginalized sector of the society by supporting them to have higher education, career guidance and thus enabling them to acquire better status in their life.

Guests of honour Sheikh Nourie Al Nourie and C.P. Kunjhu Muhammed in their felicitation speeches praised CIGI for its unique services in the field of Education for the less privileged sector of the society. Shri K.K. Pehel released 'Compass - CIGI Hand Book 2018', a reference careers guidance book, by giving a copy to Mr. Al Nourie.

In his keynote speech at the opening session, CIGI President P.A. Abdussalam described the 20 years of CIGI’s active Social, Educational and Career engagements aimed at the transformation of the weaker society by inculcating self-confidence and self-respect in the younger generation and thus prepare them to face the dynamic socio-economic situation with confidence, through various programs throughout Kerala and other Gulf countries.

CIGI Int’l Chairman Muhamed Firoz Meethal in his keynote speech explained the strategic pillars of ‘CIGI’s Vision 2030' focused on Education, Employment and Empowerment of the poor and less privileged section of the society, irrespective of their religion, caste or creed, to lead and drive them to excellence in all walks of life, with dignity, progress and prosperity.

Dr. A.B. Moideen Kutty – Director of the Kerala Government’s Directorate of Minority Welfare Department, in his keynote address explained various schemes, employment projects, different types of scholarships, premarital counselling for youths and other benefits offered by the Government of Kerala for the minorities.

The two-day long CIGI Thematic conference started on Thursday evening and continued on Friday morning with the active participation of delegates from within Kuwait as well as from other Gulf states and India. The event witnessed several brainstorming sessions aimed to generate ideas that would eventually be transformed into projects. The Friday's morning session started with a recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Hammad Abdulrahiman, Chief coordinator Abdul Majeed M.M welcomed the delegates, CIGI Int’l Vice Chairman K.V. Shamsudheen led the panel for discussion and the session was presided over by CIGI Int’l Chairman Muhamed Firoz.  After the preparation of the functional Model, CIGI president P.A. Abdussalam summarized the discussion papers and CIGI Int’l Chairman concluded the session to proceed further to the final Leadership summit.

The community leadership summit started earlier with the recitation of Holy Quran by Hasil Unus followed by Kuwait and Indian National anthems. The whole event was successful and memorable due to the flawless supervision, timely intervention and follow up by the Kuwait Chapter Vice chairman Faseehullah Abdullah and his team including Abdul Rahman, Abdul Ghafoor, Hameed Mathur and Abdul Jabbar in providing the logistical, technical, transportation and above all arranging visa, accommodation etc., for the delegates who came from far and wide. 

Sameer Mohamed, Shemsy Nihara and Sajid Ibrahim were in charge of the editing and designing of 'Compass - CIGI Hand Book 2018'. CIGI Kuwait Chapter chairman Dr. Amir Ahmed presided over the community leadership summit session, Senior Visionary Sagheer Trikarpur welcomed the gathering, Ashraf Vaakath compered the event and Chief coordinator Abdul Aziz proposed the vote of thanks.

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