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CID spares no effort to safeguard Kuwait - Kuwaitis to replace all expats
December 21, 2017, 7:55 am

Director-General of the Criminal Investigations Department, Major-General Mohammad Al-Sharhan was recently quoted as saying the department spares no efforts to protect the country in the sense of security, safety and public order and stressed all areas of the country are under control, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Al-Sharhan added there is a plan to rely on the Kuwaiti element in the administrative sector within the Criminal Investigations Department instead of the expatriates. He pointed out by the beginning of next year the percentage of Kuwaitis working in the department will be close to 98 percent to ensure confidentiality of some information.

Al-Sharhan announced Interpol’s databases will be linked with the Residence Affairs Department and Visa Management at the Kuwait International Airport to arrest persons wanted by law and to prevent entry of individuals on lost or stolen passports. He added, the department pre-empts efforts by suspects to enter the country by running a check on their prior to them entry into the country.

Al-Sharhan added beatings and torture methods are no more in practice now to force the suspect to confess to their crimes. He added, Kuwaiti detectives have the expertise and are qualified enough to arrest the accused, according to legal procedures, because of the many courses they attend throughout the year.

Al-Sharhan added that there are some odd people in the Kuwaiti society which is due to the cultural overlap of some communities and the Criminal Investigations Department takes legal measures against them and controls any act that constitutes a crime according to Kuwaiti law.

Al-Sharhan also touched on the issue of prostitution in Kuwait involving the Asians, the emergency of international prostitution ring and entry of some Europeans on visit visas with the sole purpose of flesh trade. He also shed light on the issue of crossdressers, trafficking in human beings, counterfeiting and forgery in various forms, drug abuse offenses in general and synthetic drugs (shabu and chemical) in particular.

Source: Arab Times

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