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CFCS concludes pre finals of Masterchef Cooking Competition
November 18, 2017, 4:38 pm

The Culinary of Filipino Chefs’ Society (CFCS) a non-profit organization of Filipino chefs in Kuwait which introduced for the very first time a friendly competition among Filipino chefs in Kuwait currently working in different food services. Termed as 'Filipino Master Chef Competition', the three-day competition finally concluded its three days pre finals held at Nanay Eden Restaurant in Kuwait.

Three winners emerged from the competition; Chef Joel Lim with his reconstructed Tilapia with coconut milk, Chef Ryan Panisa with his dried Tinolang Manok (Chicken in ginger) and Chef Mike Millari with his version of Beef Salpicao. The winners are eligible to compete for the grand finals to be held at a later date which will be announced to the public. The grand prize winner wins a round trip ticket to Philippines, cash prize and opportunity to guest in one of the shows of GMA 7 TV broadcasted worldwide. The second and third prize will win cash prizes and medals. The event has been jointly sponsored by Nanay Eden Restaurant, Cee Network, Philippine Airlines and supported Mel Marquez Salon and Spa and blogger VLOG (Video Blog):Uptown Goddess.

“The competition was open to everyone and maintained a friendly atmosphere; it was open to everyone regardless if the contestant is a professional chef or not. More than 20 competitors reregistered to the contest,” commented Jay Panaguiton, President of CFCS.

Entertainment was provided for by outstanding vocalists Sherwin Leon Caumera, Ryan King and Princess Enria Fatima Revelo or 'ROYALS' and hosted by Jane Nolasco, Ian Concepcion, Leica De Los Santos of The Morning talk News and Current Affairs. For the grand finals, the top three winners will have to prepare a set of appetizer, main course and dessert. For more information, you may log on to CFCS@Facebook.

“This event will be the start of something for all the Filipino chefs in Kuwait, Filipinos are known for their creativity and passion with what they do and somehow such event will boost the good repute of Filipino chefs in Kuwait and globally,” commented Jassem Burhama, CEO of Mass Creations.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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