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CEE Network launches culinary course at Saveco
June 23, 2018, 3:31 pm

CEE Network launched its first culinary course on 22 June at the Food Academy of Saveco in Shuwaikh. The courses are organized in cooperation with the Philippine Chefs Society (PCS) Kuwait Chapter. The four-month course includes four part mini courses comprised of Introduction to Pastry and Baking, Cake making and Decorating, Appreciation of Asian Cuisine and Approach to Continental Cuisine.

The three-hour class is held every Friday from 9 am till 12 noon and instructs participants to prepare two to three different types of dishes under the guidance of trainers.

On Friday morning, the first class kicked off with a primer delivered by CEE Network Project Manager Ricky Laxa before Joelyn Tambo-Ong, a former Filipina Hotel and Restaurant Professor at St Paul’s College and chef in one of the hotels in Kuwait, provided a lecture on Safety and Hygiene in the kitchen and PCS member Mario Asuncion, Head Pastry Chef of Kuwait’s leading restaurant instructed the participants to bake Peanut Butter Cookies. “I can see so much passion and excitement in their eyes as they whip up the ingredients and these are all what they need to learn the basic foundation of these courses,” commented Asuncion.

He added that it inspires him to present to students the best there is in culinary classes and he also urges other nationals to attend and participate. He added that he appreciated the first batch of Filipinos who registered for the course. Tambo-Ong also said that as expected the first class will run slow as participants familiarize themselves with equipment, ingredients and procedures, but as the classes progress three dishes are expected to be accomplished in no time.

PCS President Antonio Santos commented that the class was launched impressively with both the lecturers from PCS generously dedicating their time and efforts to ensure the success of the event. Moreover, the participants were in full gear and full of enthusiasm as they went through the first class. After the first class, social media sites featured the classes with impressive photos by the participants and videos by Michelle Fe Santiago a noted senior news correspondent of ABS CBN International who went live and gathered thousands of views and Rowena Tinio, Kuwait Ministry of Information Radio announcer and host of ‘Kabayan Ikaw na’. Both journalists have also registered as students to the culinary class. Prior to the event, both journalists and radio hosts featured PCS chefs in their shows to promote the courses.

CEE Network will also launch its second course ‘Art Classes’ this week which will run for three consecutive months: first month with charcoal, second month with acrylic and third month with mixed media. The classes will be handled by selected artists and trainers and will limit its classes to maximum of fifteen (15) students. These classes will be held at the mini hall of CEE Network located on the 23rd floor of Qibla Tower in Kuwait City. CEE Network Project Manager Ricky Laxa announced that culinary and art classes’ registrations are ongoing and may contact: 65019059 for further details.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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