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CEE Network holds second week culinary class
July 1, 2018, 11:26 am

The Community Events and Entertainment Network Culinary Class held its second session on Friday morning at the Food Academy of a retail Hypermarket in Shuwaikh. The weekly event was spearheaded by two prominent culinary personalities Head Pastry Chef Mario Asuncion and Lecturer Joelyn Tambo-Ong with assistance by officers and members of the Philippine Chefs Society in Kuwait.

CEE Network Culinary Classes, designed to provide hands-on experience paired with knowledge and information provided by the trainers, is a four-month course that affords participants the opportunities to learn and develop their skills in three different food sectors; Pasty and Baking, Asian Cuisine and Continental Cuisine with additional knowledge on fruit and vegetable carving, butchery and more. Informative lectures are also given in between the sessions with printed handouts containing guidelines that serve as references for the participants. The session lasts three hours with each week providing the know-how of making pastries and dishes, which CEE Network hopes that participants can use not only for their own personal consumption but for entrepreneurial services that can provide extra income in their spare time.

The pastry classes will last for two months or the equivalent of eight Fridays. The first four months teaches participants basic information and hands-on experience on pastries and baking, the third month with Asian cuisines including preparation and cooking of traditional and popular dishes of Japan, Indonesia, China and Thailand and fourth month with continental dishes.

“CEE Network culinary classes provide step by step instructions that allow you to experience the thrill of creating products which you only see initially in stores. It also gives you the chance to taste what you have created and take home and share among friends,” commented Leo Capiendo, a noted fashion designer and student of the course.

Housewife and educator Dessie Tubale told the Times that her kids are her best critics and anxiously await every Friday for what she and her husband have to bring home. “My husband and I decided to enroll in the course because we love to cook and being in the class gives us the opportunity to explore different techniques in culinary art,” commented Tubale.

Head Pastry Chef and Trainer Mario Asuncion said that as students progress weekly with their classes, they discover different techniques on their own and create a system where they can best utilize the limited time given in the class.

“To be able to produce four different products is very impressive and as we step into the third week and fourth week, will allow them to create cakes and pastries and develop their artistic skills. I am just excited to see what they will come up with at the end of the class” added Asuncion.

Selected members of The Philippine Chefs Society in Kuwait was signed in by CEE Network to provide the hands-on and lectures as the group is actively composed of highly skilled and competitive trainers and educators. The team of Filipino Chefs is made up of chefs employed in different hotels, catering services, restaurants, cafes and Kuwait Ministries and led by its president Antonio Amil Santos, Executive Chef of Zaffran Express. The team is also active in community services and part of its charity works include feeding program on 8 July at the Philippine Embassy Shelter and a demonstration of making fresh pasta to add to the women’s skills, which they can use when they return to the Philippines.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer



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