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CEE Network culinary class completes first phase, launches art classes
July 8, 2018, 12:12 pm

The Culinary Art classes organized by CEE Network ends its first month mini-courses and prepares to take its students to a more comprehensive series of classes in pastry and baking. The second phase will include specialized pasty and baked products along with lectures on starting small online business in Kuwait and other essential topics vital to knowledge and skill development of the students. In line with its courses, CEE Network also launched its art classes from ages 10 and above.

In a brief comment, Master Chef Mario Asuncion, Head Pastry Chef of Le Notre and member of the Philippine Chefs Society Kuwait Chapter said that he was very impressed with the creativity and great skills students displayed in the preparation of their cakes. “Without instructions on how to decorate their cakes, they were able to express their creativity as seen on each cake presented after the class. There is always room for improvement and in no time, I am confident, they will present products as good as the ones in the market and if not better,” commented Asuncion.

Chef Joelyn Tambo-Ong, professor of culinary arts at St. Paul’s College Philippines and lecturer in the class congratulated everyone for coming up with their own cake decors. “Individuality in cooking is always essential but with this is only possible with knowledge and know how or techniques,” added Tambo-Ong.

Students and CEE Network laud the members of the Philippine Chefs Society (PCS) Kuwait Chapter for their generous time dedicated by its members in mentoring and assisting each student during the three hours classes. “PCS has displayed an admirable commitment to their mission and we are but thankful that we collaborated with them on this project. Its members who unselfishly share their time and effort on their spare hours to mentor and provide assistance to our students and we are indeed grateful,” commented Dina AL Mallak, Managing Director and Partner of CEE Network. 

PCS Kuwait Chapter will also be teaming up with the other courses of CEE Network: Advanced Baking and Pastry, Asian Cuisine and Continental Cuisine. Resource speakers will also be available during the terms of classes.

Art classes have also been launched this week to cater to people, who are interested in classes that would not only fit their time, but a pattern of classes created for students with no knowledge of art. The course is three months comprising of Charcoal, Acrylic and Mixed Media. The classes will be handled by knowledgeable art trainers and classes will be every Saturday from 9 am till 12 noon. The classes will be held at Mass Creation Mini Hall of CEE Network, 23rd floor of Qibla Tower, Kuwait City. For details on CEE Network Courses, call: 65019059; Project Manager, Ricky Laxa.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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