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CEE Network Baking and Pastry Classes steps up to 4th batch
November 4, 2018, 5:02 pm

Community Events and Entertainment (CEE) Network recently launched its campaign for the 4th batch of Basic Baking and Pastry held every Friday at the Food Academy of a retail Hypermarket in Shuwaikh.

The third batch of students who took up Basic Baking and Pastry earned their first certificate from CEE Network on Friday morning after their last class. The classes allowed attendees to enjoy hands-on sessions, including learning general techniques in basic baking and pastry making design. “It’s overwhelming to be in this class, products I never had even imagined I could make were indeed possible and the classes are fun,” commented Dr. Cristina Cura, student of the course.

The classes were divided into four consecutive Fridays which include production of popular cakes and pastries and paired with lectures to complement each of the topic intended for the day. Manuals are weekly updated for students’ further references. Each of the class are monitored by mentors who are successful graduates of the classes and invited masterchefs to lead and supervise the weekly sessions.

Classes include; Basic and Advanced Baking and Pastry, International cuisines 1 and 2. Basic Pastry and Baking 4th batch will commence in January alongside with International cuisines and will feature its first teaching team and selected trainers, who will lead the classes in 2019. Registration for batch 4 has already started and on first come first serve basis policy.

The 4th batch graduates of the basic class will proceed to the advance classes, which will commence on the 16 November, 2018 at 9 am till 12 noon. Stations are limited to 24 participants and CEE Network has opened registrations to limited numbers. Interested individuals with passion or baking may call 65019059 / 65879555

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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