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CBSE pre exam annual psychological counselling from 1 February
February 1, 2018, 11:08 am

For the 21st consecutive year CBSE will be providing psychological counselling services to students at the time of preparation as well as during the examinations to overcome exam related stress. The Pre-Examination Psychological counselling for students and parents started today, 1 February 2018, and will continue to 13 April, 2018. The CBSE annual counselling is an outreach program, which seeks to help the heterogeneous students’ population and vast geographical network of schools.

CBSE TELE-COUNSELLING is offered by Principals and trained counsellors from within CBSE affiliated schools located in and outside India. It is a voluntary, free of cost service provided by the participants.

This year 91 principals, trained Counsellors from CBSE affiliated government and private schools, few psychologists and special educators will participate in Tele-Counselling and address exam related psychological problems of the students. 71 of them are available in India while 20 are located in Nepal, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Al-Khobar), Sultanate of Oman, UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah), Kuwait, Singapore, Qatar and Japan.  The details are as mentioned hereunder:

Name & Designation

School Name

Contact Number


Mr. T. Premkumar



Indian Educational School,

Abdulla Al Mubarak, Jaleeb Al Shyoukh, Kuwait





8 PM to 10 PM

Tele-Counselling for Differently Abled Students- For the ninth year, CBSE has arranged to provide counselling to differently abled students. 04 Special Educators are participating to take care of issues of differently abled students.

Question-Answer Columns - CBSE experts will answer queries of students through weekly Question-Answer columns to be published in major national newspapers during the month of February.

ON-LINE Queries will also be replied at

CBSE WEBSITE- Easy to follow advise to cope with exam-related anxiety will also be available at the CBSE website through micro link Helpline.

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