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CBSE appoints T. Premkumar as tele-counsellor for CBSE Schools
February 1, 2018, 11:28 am

CBSE released a press note on 31 January stating Mr. T. Premkumar, the principal, Bhavans Kuwait has been appointed as the CBSE tele-counsellor for the CBSE schools in Kuwait once again this year. Premkumar assisted many students and their parents in several ways in the past as well. This veteran educator has over three and a half decade of teaching experience in CBSE schools and is fully aware of the examination related rules and regulations in addition to his in-depth knowledge of physical sciences especially Chemistry.

T. Premkumar - the proud recipient of CBSE best teacher award this year has been appointed as the secretary of the CBSE affiliated schools in the Gulf this year to cater to the needs the heterogeneous student community in the GCC. Mr. Premkumar’s first passion is serving the children to the best of his ability regardless of their school, gender, ability, and background. He has proved himself to be a great educator and counsellor myriad times and Indians in Kuwait is indeed pleased to share this press report from CBSE for the benefit of hundreds of students appearing for class XII examination and class X CBSE examination in March 2018.

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