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CARICOM heads attend solemn ceremony in Cuba
December 8, 2014, 5:12 pm

The heads of state that are in Havana to attend to the V Summit Caricom-Cuba are going to participate in the homage dedicated to the hero Antonio Maceo and the 25th anniversary of the Tributo Operation.

Several of the heads of state and representatives of 14 member countries of the Community of Carebbean States are in Havana to take part in this solemn ceremony which is taking place in the Mausoleum of the Cacahual, that keeps the Maceo's remains.

Next to Maceo's remains, who was became Lieutentant General of the Cuban army leading the wars of Cuba's independence, there is also the grave of his assistant captain Francisco Gomez Toro and this Sunday is the 118 anniversary of his death in combat.

Also, the ceremony will commemorate the 25 anniversary of the Tributo Operation, which made possible the identification and transfer of the remains of around three thousand Cuban fallen in combat missions and while they accomplish tasks of civil character. The remembrance ceremony was on December 7th, 1989.

The participation of the Cuban in the war made possible that the African nation preserved its independence, Namibia obtained it and put an end to the apartheid, with what a new South Africa was born.

In accordance with the agenda, this Sunday several leaders of the Caribbean countries will make a tour at the National Zoo, meanwhile another group of participants will arrive to Havana for the Summit.

On the next Monday, there will take place in the Palace of the Revolution of Havana the V Summit of the integration mechanism Caricom-Cuba, which meets every three years.

In this meeting there is foreseen the review of the commercial and economic bonds between the Caribbean countries and Cuba in order to strengthen them.

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