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October 19, 2015, 1:42 pm

Looking for an authentic Spanish dining experience in Kuwait, then look no further than the C-Lounge at C-Club. Its location by the beach, its rendition of an elegant atmosphere, the quality of dishes and unrivaled customer service make the C-Lounge a Spanish dining experience unlike any other.

You walk into the lounge and you are immediately put at ease by the warm glow of their soft lighting and luxurious socializing area. The hustle and bustle of the outside world is immediately silenced, and is replaced by the sounds of sea waves gently brushing against the shore.

A special section of the lounge is open to non-members of the C-Club so they can try out their exquisite dishes while enjoying the vibe of others who have come to unwind and celebrate life in this beautiful eatery. Many options on the menu are quite different from your run of the mill restaurants, with squid, foie gras and the renowned Spanish paella all vying for attention.

Try an icy cold mocktail: Perfectly tart Red Sangaria (Apple, limes, oranges, in non-alcoholic red wine) or a fruity peach infused C-Passion. The drinks are not overly sweet and will have a powerful, ritzy flavor.

Taste the appetizers: Puffy Baby squid and Foie Gras Poele. The first features a delicate plate of lightly cooked squid with a beef pomodoro filling, drizzed with bright green oil, ending your every succulent bite with a sharp tomato note. The foie gras is heavily inspired by classic fall flavors - cinnamon apple, caramelized onion, and mixed berry coulis. It will be comforting yet elegant, served with thin sheets of crispy bread.

Visit the kitchen: Lucky for you, this facility is also available at the C-Lounge. You will have the pleasure to meet Chef Bernat and witness him using his seamless knife-work and superior plating skills.

Head for the main menu: Farmers Roast Beef sandwich with mushroom soup is the perfect try. The sandwich is filled with a multitude of toppings that pair excellently with one another. Besides, the savory roast beef, the soft ciabatta bread is stuffed with tomatoes, onions, zucchini, radishes, mixed greens, capers, pickles, Worcestershire sauce, mustard and mayonnaise. It is truly very tangy and light despite the plentiful ingredients. The mushroom soup on the other hand is simply extraordinary. The portobello carpaccio is dressed with milk foam and virgin oil. It has a beautiful, rich aftertaste that fills your soul with warmth.

Desire a big meal? The star of the C-Lounge is the authentic seafood Paella that cannot be found anywhere else in Kuwait. It comes with the option of serving 2, 4 or 6 people as it is a giant dish meant to be savored in social gatherings. The rice and peas are plump and flavorful with every bite. The fish furnet, cuttlefish, and big juicy shrimp are cooked to perfection and burst with classic Spanish flavors.

To appreciate the unique flavor profiles of every dish, and the authenticity of the Spanish classics in their extravagant meals, you will have to make prior reservations.

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