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Busan City to host ‘Busan One Asia Festival 2017’ in October
September 5, 2017, 1:17 pm

Busan One Asia Festival (BOF), Asia’s No.1 Korean Wave festival, will be held in Busan, South Korea October 22-31. The festival kicks off with 'BOF opening ceremony' at Asiad Main Stadium on October 22. It is going to last for 10 days until “BOF awards” held at Busan Cinema Center outdoor stage on October 31.

The opening ceremony will be featured by Asia’s first 360 degree stage and the performance of K-pop idol groups. 'BOF awards' will be presented to artists globally raising the profile of Korea and Busan at the closing ceremony. Various K-pop stars will rock the stage as well.

'Park Concert' is held at Busan Citizen Park on October 29. It amuses the audience with various concerts from K-POP to trot going beyond generations and genre.

If you want to meet Korean Wave stars, do not miss five-time fan meetings on which five teams of stars appear from October 23. Some of the acts taking the stage include BLACKPINK, Wanna One, SECHSKIES, GFRIEND, Apink, BAP, ASTRO, Yurisangja, Baek Z Young, Kim Tae-woo, Ailee, Bolbbangan4, Red Velvet, Husky Brothers, and more.

Located at Gunam-ro, Haeundae, 'BOF Land' will host various concerts and events for ten days like “Legend Stage” which includes K-Pop, Rock & Indie, Hip-hop, EDM performed by stars from today as well as favorites from years ago.

'BOF Ground' set up at Seomyeon Norimaru from October 27 to 29 can be another attraction. Participants will be able to experience the Korean waves’ cultural scenes such as K-Food with famous chefs, K-Beauty to share top celebrities’ make-up secret, K-Fashion with supermodels, the latest medical services, and more.

An attempt to unite the city’s cultural contents with the Korean Wave gave birth to a work of 'Made in Busan' through a public contest. Local artists and citizens will come together at several venues – One Asia Flash mob, 'Daedongeul tamhada (to desire the great unity)' in Busan Citizen Park; 'Dongnae Hanryangmu (traditional male dance in Busan) - not forcing, acting spontaneously' in Dongnae Byeljang; and 'EDM Festival, Yaryu,' a fusion of Yaryu (a traditional field play in Busan) and modern music in Yongdusan Park.

The festival creates a memorable time for foreign visitors with the essence of the Korean Wave.

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