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Burj Al-Hamam
January 31, 2015, 5:19 pm

Food: Inspired by the nostalgic home cooking of authentic Lebanese kitchen, Burj Al-Hamam (meaning tower of pigeons) offers traditional menus with a variety of dishes from grill platters to salads, to classics such as Kibbeh Niya. Shish Barak, Daoud Basha, Ouzi, Sayadieh, Warak Enab with Lamb Chops go as daily dishes from Sunday through Thursday.

Atmosphere: The size of the restaurant with a steel exterior has been cleverly used to create different mood opportunities. Filled with light from four sides, it is bright and cheerful during the day, and seductively lit at night by the lights from the restaurant.

Best Bite: Grilled fish, Arabic salads, handmade Arabic sweets and baklava. Enjoy the live preparation of Saj and eggs available daily from 9am to 12pm Sunday through Saturday.

Best Bit: Shisha. An outer terrace with 270 degrees open to the panoramic sea view. 

Where: Arabian Gulf Street, Dasman, Kuwait City | 22529095


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