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Burger Hub
July 10, 2016, 10:36 am

This restaurant has an infatuation with burgers. Choices of toppings include anything from the extravagant (foie gras, blackberry sauce, brie or reduced balsamic grape sauce) to everyday favorites such as Swiss cheese and fresh mushrooms, chili, and coleslaw. The Division 16 burger that is comprised of deep-fried battered chicken with cherry tomato chutney and Parmesan shavings topped with the house sauce is a real feast for the senses. Unique side dishes include the Crispy Beetroot and Crispy Zucchini that resemble fries only that they are made from the respective vegetables.

Popular dish: La Rosée Burger – A mix of caramelized onions, creamy mushroom sauce, and melted original Swiss cheese.

Location: Gulf Road, Kuwait City. Call 2246 4818. 

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