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July 17, 2016, 10:36 am

Since its inception in early 2005 in downtown Kuwait, Buongiorno sandwich bar and cafe, a locally developed concept, has carved a special niche for itself amongst its discerning clientele. A wide variety of fresh bread, fresh vegetables, and highest quality ingredients have become the mainstay of the Buongiorno standards. Their steady transformation from a single location restaurant to two centrally located restaurants can be directly attributed to their clients’ loyal support and appreciation of the variety offered by their menu as well as customer’s appreciation of the quality and service. The menu offers a wide range of hot and cold sandwiches, burgers, homemade fresh fruit cupcakes, coffees, fresh juices and smoothies.

Popular dish: Lamb and feta burger, a combination of minced lamb mixed with feta cheese, roasted pine nuts and fresh herbs, topped with mixed greens in a bun.

Location: Sharq (2241 3830); Abu Hulaifa (2372 5851). 

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