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Bulgarian pianist who knows no bounds in music
February 18, 2017, 5:28 pm

Pianist and Artist Tiyana Hristova left Bulgaria sixteen years ago and has been traveling around the world performing from private to large audiences rendering her repertoire of classic to contemporary pieces. Her popular performances have earned her respect and admiration from her audience wherever and whenever she has staged her recitals.

“I was five when I had my fingers running on the keys of my grandparents piano but my parents forbade me to play, it was then I told my father that I will travel the world and will become an admired artist. I was enrolled at an early age in a music school and at six years old I was given my first upright piano and still keep it till today,” commented Hristova.

Hristova recalled that her first performance was with her brother, who is also a music artist, in a small hall and tickets were sold cheap. She played classical pieces from Brahms and sonata piece shared with her brother on one piano. No profits were raised but it was good exposure to the local audience in Bulgaria.

Her first international performance was in Austria, where she shared the limelight with a bass player and violinist.

Hristova graduated from the Bulgarian Academy of Music, Fine Arts and Dancing and Mozarteum University in Salzburg Austria.

Hristova has performed with other top artists in Kuwait in several prominent venues to name; Jumeirah Hotel, Al Hashim Grand Ballroom and Salwa Sabah Theater. She also works with a renowned musical director Mike Ricketts and performs at the British Embassy in Kuwait. 

Hristova works closely with Foundation of Hope, which holds musical concert annually in Kuwait. The foundation highlights different artists during the concert. She also works with a Turkish composer that fuses a traditional Turkish lute and piano, a combination of strings and keys played on separate hands. “It’s very interesting and requires mastery of the lute, both hands are used separately,’ explained Hristova.

“It’s not all about the piano, it’s the music in general and the sentiments that go with it. Music for me is my way of expressing my innermost feelings, the words I cannot express are narrated through the music I play in the piano,” commented Hristova. She performs at the lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Kuwait from 7 pm till 10:30 pm and showcases contemporary music to her audience.

-Ricky Laxa
  Staff Writer


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