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Bulgarian embassy commemorates country’s National Day
March 4, 2017, 11:20 am

The Bulgarian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Alexander Olszewski marked his country’s National Day with a ceremony on 3 March on the embassy premises. The National Day celebrates the country's liberation from almost 500 years of Ottoman rule on the 3 March under the Treaty of San Stefano.

Assistant Foreign Minister for European Affairs Walid Al-Khabeizi was the Chief Guest who attended the gathering of members of the diplomatic corps, senior Kuwaiti officials and Bulgarian nationals.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the function, Minister Al-Khabeizi pointed out the close relations between Kuwait and Bulgaria that have been growing since 1962. 

He mentioned that the signing of 26 agreements on cooperation between the two countries have encouraged the progression of their mutual support in various fields and helped create common ground on various international issues.

Minister Al-Khabeizi also touched on the tourist aspect of the Kuwait-Bulgaria relationship, stating that visits to Bulgaria rose to nearly 3,000 last year, as did the number of Kuwaiti students studying at Bulgarian colleges over the years.

On investment cooperation, the minister shared that Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) is considering a plan for long-term investments in the country, and hopes to tap into the potentials of trade exchanges with Bulgaria, an active member of the European Union and the NATO alliance.

Minister Al-Khabizi was also optimistic that Kuwait’s adoption of the e-passport system will help prepare the framework for allowing the exemption of Kuwaiti nationals from visa requirements in the Schengen Area. He added that the-passport system is one of the EU technical requirements for a Schengen visa waiver, not all requirements, he said, and Kuwait could move to facilitate the negotiations in this regard. A showcase of traditional Bulgarian music and dance was organized on the occasion.

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