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Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council releases list of achievements
June 4, 2018, 4:06 pm

The Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council has released a list of achievements for the period 1 January - 30 April 2018. The Bulgarian Presidency in Kuwait had organized many events that closely follow the EU foreign policy as well as help to enhance the EU-Kuwait relations, which are of importance to the EU and the Arab countries.

The Bulgarian Presidency has held key debates on issues such as the future of Europe, Erasmus +, and introduced several new laws to improve European citizens' lives. It has worked hard to deliver on its priorities, and will continue to do so.

Given the dynamics of the different dossiers of the EU's Strategic Agenda, the Bulgarian Presidency was loaded with an unprecedented number of trialogues with the co-legislators. A total of 40 trialogues of 23 dossiers were conducted under COREPER I and, within COREPER II- a total of 24 trialogues of 12 dossiers.

Among the main priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency is the European perspective for the Western Balkans countries and the development of the region as a whole.

So far, the Bulgarian Presidency has succeeded in three main strands of stabilization in the Western Balkans:

  • The Western Balkans’ European future was included on the leaders' agenda and succeeded in coordinating EU key messages for the EU-Western Balkans Summit held from 16 - 17 May 2018 in Sofia;
  • Justified the need for additional EU support for the Western Balkans countries in the form of new initiatives (presented in the European Commission's Strategy for the region). These initiatives were further specified in the annex to the Sofia Declaration of the Summit;
  • Promoted in an unprecedented way a comprehensive approach for the Western Balkans partners and Turkey in informal EU councils and other high-level and expert-level events.

Among the key events of the Presidency on this subject, alongside the EU leaders meeting with the partners of the Western Balkans (17 May), was the meeting of Prime Minister B. Borisov with the President of the EC Jean-Claude Juncker in Sofia (1 March), and the leaders of the Western Balkans countries and the EU-Turkey summit in Varna (26 March).

It is essential to mention that the rotating Bulgarian Presidency in Kuwait has worked so far very actively not only to perform its main duties but also in view of promoting the EU-Kuwait cultural exchange. It is crucial to highlight that many activities and forums were held in Kuwait within the framework of intensifying the EU-Kuwait relations. 

For the first time in the area of cultural exchange between them, the Europe Days was celebrated in an excellent manner and showcased the cultural diversity of Europe to Kuwait with an exhibition. On the occasion, beautiful mementos of gratitude with the Bulgarian Presidency logo was awarded to the Kuwaiti partners who assisted in completing the local procedures and obtaining of permits for the event.

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