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Bugsy Malone- Interview with budding actor Morgan Gwillim
April 20, 2017, 4:09 pm

The British Academy of International Arts (BAIA) will treat audiences to an amazing variety of BAIA performances as they take on Bugsy Malone on 5 and 6 May. It is 1920’s New York and life on the streets is tough, more so for Roxy Robinson, who finds himself in the middle of the war for new turf.

Fat Sam, who runs the most popular club in town, is at loggerheads with his arch rival, the dapper Dandy Dan who has manufactured a new weapon - the Spurge Gun. Armed with this new style machine gun that has never before been seen before on the streets, Dan and his hoodlums are spreading fear and destruction wherever they go. Only the penniless, ex-boxer, Bugsy Malone can halt this havoc but can he do so without being ‘splurged’ himself.

Playing the part of Bugsy Malone is Morgan Gwillim, an enthusiastic young actor in love with theatrics and excited over performing on stage. In this interview, the 11 years old actor discusses his latest foray into BAIA’s stage drama.

1. Tell us a little more about yourself?
I have enjoyed acting since I was 7 years old. My hobbies include listening to music and dancing, but I am actually interested in so many things that it is impossible to count them all.

2. When did you first and last perform? What drew you to get involved in the drama?
My first big performance was in Poptastic, a BAIA musical, when I was 9 years old (2015). And Matilda, another BAIA performance, was truly an amazing experience. I watch a lot of films and I love many actors. My favorite musicals are ‘Bugsy Malone’ and ‘Annie’. In general, I love musicals because they allow you to express your inner feelings with no restrictions.
3. Why did you audition for the role of Bugsy Malone? What interested you in the character?
The similarities between me and Bugsy Malone’s character made me want to audition for the role. We’re both cocky and very talkative.  Before auditioning, me and my grandfather watched the musical live in Wales and it immediately interested me because the children in the musical were acting as gangsters and I found that to be an unusual sight.
4. Why should people come and watch the show? What’s special about the show?
It can relate to both adults and children. As children always want to become adults so fast and in Bugsy Malone, you can see how you can remain being a child but still express your feelings as an adult.
5. What are your dreams and ambitions?
I would really like to become a professional actor as I would love to be able to make people smile, or a firefighter as I would like to help people.
6. What advice would you give to someone who is interested in acting?
Be yourself and act as the role you have been given. Don’t be nervous and show the character by expressing your feelings and emotions to the maximum.  And if you ever feel nervous, the best way to get rid of it is to use a stress ball to relieve all the stress you are feeling before going on stage.

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