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Bu Ali Restaurant opens in Kuwait
March 4, 2017, 4:26 pm

The culinary landscape in Kuwait has been transformed with the opening of the highly anticipated Bu Ali Restaurant, which is owned by the Bu Ali International Restaurant Co., one of the leading restaurant chains in Bahrain.

The restaurant was opened by Bu Ali International Restaurant. Co., Chairman Abdul Rehman Meppathoor alongside special guest, Indian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Sunil Jain, and in the presence of local dignitaries, special invitees and supporters.

With the opening, Bu Ali Restaurant aims to be a delightful culinary epicenter that presents a vibrant ambience and hospitable service, while offering a rich cultural fusion of multi-cuisine dishes that pay homage to the traditions of each country’s flavorful cuisines.

The restaurant has a menu laden with many recognizable, authentic dishes that reflect the chefs understanding of the various cuisines of different countries, along with an added flare that is signature to the restaurant. As part of its unique food service, a ‘chaat’ counter is laden with many tasty snacks, in addition to coffee and other treats. The soon-to-be opened lunch buffet will be stocked with the choicest selection of food items that deliver on quality and variety.

Bu Ali Restaurant has a space for everyone, whether you want to dine with large group of friends, or share a great meal in intimate family gatherings. A comfortable dining area adorned in a lavish and stylish décor stretches across the main dining room to the many comfy cabins, where visitors can choose to dine in privacy.

A spacious conference hall is also available for meetings and birthday parties, while a large play area ensures children remain entertained. A free Wi-Fi facility allows patrons to remain connected while enjoying the dining experience. There is also an outdoor catering option for large and small parties or meetings, should patrons wants to celebrate an occasion elsewhere with the restaurant’s delectable offerings.  

Bu Ali Restaurant, founded in the late 73`s by a Bahraini family, remains committed to indulging its guests and providing one of the country’s finest dining experiences, according to its long-standing reputation carefully cultivated in Bahrain.  With more than a decade of strong, customer-centric service and a quest for perfection and world-class quality, the Group has continued to maintain its leadership in the hospitality industry.


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