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Brush your teeth in 10 seconds
July 16, 2017, 3:45 pm

A new project on Kickstarter, the global crowd-funding program, called Amabrush aims to solve a problem you probably never knew you had — the need to speed up brushing teeth to 10 seconds, from the one or two minutes that you normally spend on this oral hygiene today.

The Amabrush, which is shaped like a mouth-guard and has a removable ‘pacifier-like’ knob that remains outside the mouth, brushes your teeth all at once in 10 seconds flat. The protruding knob houses the proprietary toothpaste capsule and the driving mechanism that vibrates the toothbrush. The basic Amabrush, which will retail for around $75, has so far received nearly a $1 million in funding on Kickstarter. Oh, and if you are keen to splurge, there is even a $113 ‘Amabrush Pro’ model that comes with wireless charging; the only thing missing seems to be an app to let your mom know you have brushed your teeth daily.

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