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Brown Tomato Kuwait
December 4, 2016, 9:50 am

Inspired by the elusive brown tomato or Kumato, which arrives as a mix of brown, green and red, the fusion Italian establishment located in Al Hamra Luxury Center compels one to try something different. While a brown tomato might not sound appealing, this special breed has the distinction of being a variety of fruit that retains an inimitable flavor when utilized in the preparation of many different cuisines. The restaurant, named after this unique tomato, practices an ethos of serving customers dishes that are perfectly balanced in flavor. At Brown Tomato, you can opt for a classic Italian menu, contemporary takes on classics or even fusion filled ‘tapas’ inspired by Italian flavors that are perfect for sharing when dining amongst a group of friends and family.

Popular dish: Veal Al Funghi

Location: Al Hamra Luxury Center. Call, 22270214

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