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British fashion duo advise Indian women on styling
October 7, 2013, 9:51 am

British TV presenters and fashion designers Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine of the TV series What Not to Wear fame take a critical look at Indian women’s wardrobe and suggest what is best to avoid.

They will be seen talking about the Indian wardrobe on their new show Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission India, reports

Here’s their five-point checklist of wardrobe mistakes to avoid:

-Sticking to a pallid palette in work wear:

“Don’t just do black with white. Especially when you’re wearing modern western dress,” advises Constantine.

“You have such a great heritage of colours, introduce more of them into your work wardrobe,” they both implore. And play with tonal hues – mix pink with orange, wear red with orange or green with turquoise.

- Wearing skinny jeans:

“Everybody wears skinny jeans to enhance their shape because it’s so fashionable right now,” says Woodall.

“A lot of Indian woman are much bigger on their bums, so it’ll be nicer for their body shape if they wore a boot leg or wide leg trouser which will balance out their thighs,” she added.

- Hoarding clothes:

Most people get comfortable in one particular style, says Constantine, adding: “The clothes that you always wear are probably safe and repetitive.”

Her advice is to put your trust in a good friend who’ll be honest and objective with you and critically evaluate your closet.

“The stuff you never wear is probably because you’re scared of it, or it’s expensive or you bought it on sale. Maybe it doesn’t fit well, then you’re hoping when you lose weight it will,” she said.

“Put all your clothes into three piles – clothes you never really wear, clothes you wear sometimes and clothes you always wear,” she added, and get rid of what you don’t need in there.

- Overdoing it with jewellery:

Unlike with work wear, Indians are quite brazen with colour when they dress ethnic, which is a good thing. Where they go wrong, says the duo, is with the excessive jewellery.

“Sometimes you’re so overwhelmed by the diamonds and makeup that you see on the woman. We’re just saying have one amazing thing and leave out the rest,” the duo added.

- Wearing the wrong bra size:

This is a problem the duo have seen in most countries where they’ve hosted their shows, and India turns out to be no exception.

“There is a need for a bra intervention...,” Woodall added.


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