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British Academy of Sport hosts Swim Gala
June 7, 2017, 1:25 pm

The British Academy of Sports (BAS) organized its second Swimming Gala where 45 advanced students, both boys and girls from 8 to14 years, took part in a medley of races based on their age and ability.

The competition was intense with very strong sprints and finishes culminating in a jubilant atmosphere poolside from the highly excited parents and guests. Each student swam the four Olympic styles: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly for 20 or 50 meters.

At the end of the races each group was awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for each swimming stroke. There was an electric buzz around the winners’ podium especially as many of the students won more than one medal.

The top swimmer in each age group received the BAS Swimming Trophy 2017. Already plans are in full swing to build on this great swimming tradition with an even bigger event in 2018 and also BAS students will travel to International Swimming competitions abroad. In the meantime the focus shifts to the Summer Swim Camp which begins on Sunday 11 June and the Summer Arts and Sports Camp which runs from 02 to 20 July.

Following the summer break BAS returns with a fabulous line up of 12 sports courses, including Swimming, which will be launched at a mega Carnival weekend in September. All levels of swimming ability from beginner, intermediate to advanced are catered for in twice weekly sessions beginning on Sunday 24 September.

For more information about BAS Activities please visit  or call 99458013.  Get in the Swim with BAS !

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