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Bringing hope and help – the face of Kuwait's charities
February 22, 2018, 12:28 pm

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the people of Kuwait have won international acclaim and recognition for humanitarian activities over the years around the world.

Kuwait's humanitarian spirit is unique in that it pervades any nationality, religion, race or gender, and only seeks to provide solace to people in need wherever they are in the world.

In addition to offering immediate necessities such as food, water, clothing and medicine in emergency situations, Kuwait's charity and welfare organizations have also helped set up homes, hospitals, schools and other social infrastructure in developing nations all over the globe.

Besides organization that promote charitable activities outside Kuwait, the country also has a number of local organizations and groups whose volunteers are involved in bringing hope and assistance to citizens and expatriates caught up in unfortunate circumstances.

Kuwait's charitableness also extends beyond humans to encompass different types of animals. Several local groups offer shelter, veterinary care and adoption services for injured, abandoned or stray animals

Here are some of Kuwait’s many charity and support groups to volunteer in.

Operation HOPE: An acronym for Helping Others Practically & Everyday, Operation HOPE is a grassroots non-profit humanitarian organization with its outreach program motivated by compassion to alleviate suffering in Kuwait without discrimination or disrespect to anyone. Operation HOPE aims to serve those in the greatest of need through support from the local and international community. They distribute bags of gently-used clothing to those who need it the most, but their outreach has grown to include toiletries, blankets, bedrolls, and foodstuff to embassy shelters; visits to farmhands in need of shoes, blankets, and food at Kuwait’s borders; visits to local jails to deliver blankets and toiletries for detainees and more.

Equait Kuwait: Equait is a youth-driven organization founded and run by Faisal Al Fuhaid and Leanah Al-Awadhi. It works by promoting social equality and respect toward Kuwaiti residents from all walks of life. Nearly 69 percent of Kuwait’s population are expats and some of them are seen as occupiers rather than residents, so through events like the Model United Nations, food rallies and walkathons, Equait aims to make Kuwait a more open and accepting environment. So far, they have recruited a number of volunteers to help with their missions such as distributing lunch-bags for the needy throughout Kuwait.

AlNowair: As an organization, AlNowair is a 5-year initiative driven to spread positive attitudes in Kuwait through events, exhibitions, activities, seminars, workshops and campaigns. It plans to communicate simplified scientifically proven data about the benefits of a positive attitude toward life. They have also created a grassroots movement by engaging, enlightening and inspiring the youth of Kuwait through their multitude of programs, independent initiatives and projects. 

Kuwait Red Crescent Society: This is a voluntary humanitarian society that provides assistance to the most vulnerable people affected by social conflicts, wars or natural disasters regardless of nationality, gender, color, race, religious or political beliefs.

Sheikh Abdullah Al Nouri Charity Society: In the months that followed the passing of Sheikh Abdullah Al Nouri in 1981, the Sheikh Abdulla Al Nouri Charity Society was formed — an organization embodying his spirit and dedication to charitable causes. The society focuses its efforts on aiding those caught in politically turbulent countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Since its inception the charity’s achievements include the establishment of over 160 mosques, 14 Islamic schools and 12 Islamic centers. It has also sponsored more than 300 students and 115 teachers across 26 countries. In Somalia the charity has focused on larger projects such as the drilling of a well large enough to supply a small community of 9,000 people, in addition to setting up mosques and schools in the vicinity.

OXAdventure: The mission of this organization is ‘Inspire the youth through travel, charity and adventure to create global citizens and to enrich the minds of the future leaders.’ They are a non-profit organization that started with three Kuwaiti youth who had a passion for travel, charity work and adventure. During each carefully planned trip, the team will involve themselves in charity work which includes education, construction, or delivering laptops they have collected and repaired in Kuwait to give to less fortunate university students abroad. Over the years, the trips have developed into an accredited internship program in several universities in Kuwait, and the organization is funded through sponsorship and volunteers who pay their own way to assist during the projects.

KAACH: Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital (KACCH) advocates for the provision of optimal conditions for children and their families in the hospital to reduce the adverse effects of hospitalization on their development and well-being. Volunteers unselfishly give their time by contributing in many different ways and ultimately helping provide children in the hospital with a friendly positive atmosphere. Whether it is playing with the children in the hospital, decorating the pediatric wards for a child-friendly environment, helping in the office, or at fundraising events, volunteers play a significant role in supporting KACCH in its aims and goals.

PAWS Kuwait: Protecting Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) shelter strives to provide assistance to homeless, neglected and abandoned animals by offering veterinary care, rescue and adoption services, to domestic, wild and pet animals in Kuwait, in partnership with their rescuers.

KAREQ8: This is a group of passionate animal lovers, based in Kuwait and throughout the world, who focus on helping rescue animals, and finding a good home for injured or abused pets. They also have programs that help create awareness of animal care and rescue by visiting schools, institutions and universities. They do not have a shelter, so are always looking for volunteers to help with adoption, rescue, foster, care, donations or help to spread awareness of the need for adoption, TNR, and of the plight of abandoned animals.

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