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Breathe new life into makeup routine
July 25, 2013, 10:53 am

Applying your makeup should be easy but never boring. Unfortunately, the same routine, day after day, can grow old so here are five one-step ways you can mix it up and breathe new life into your makeup.

Choose a new blush:While this may not be the most noticeable change, many women find a blusher they like and stick with it for years. It is amazing what a difference a change in color can make. If you are used to powder, try a cream product. While you should always apply blush with a light hand, a slight change in shade can completely change your look.

Add lashes: False eyelashes have a bad reputation. The words trashy and overdone usually come to mind but it doesn't have to be that way. Simple, short lashes, whether they are strip or individual, can add lift and volume to your own lashes with very little work. You may think it's too much to wear them every day but with the right set, no one can tell they are not real.

Add colored eyeliner: Black and brown are safe for everyday but with a simple pop of color you can change your look completely. Now you can't really go to work in bright green eye-shadow, but navy or plum colored eyeliner can lift your look without garnering any unwanted attention.

Play with highlighter: For some women, highlighter is a part of their everyday routine, but for most it is left for special occasions. A small amount of highlighter applied on the tops of the cheekbones and cupids bow can add a glowing look that will have people asking what is different.

Add lipstick: It doesn't have to be a bold color, especially if you work in a conservative environment, but adding some extra color to your face can boost your confidence like nothing else. If you are lucky enough to work somewhere where a bright red or orange lipstick is appropriate, go wild, but for more conservative women, opt for a low-maintenance lip stain or tinted balm for a boost of color. 

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