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Boys perform better academically in mixed schools
November 26, 2017, 2:57 pm

Studies into why girls continue to outperform boys in many educational subjects have revealed a corollary effect — boys are likely to perform better in schools with a higher proportion of girls.

Researchers at the Utrecht University in The Netherlands tested the reading test scores of more than 200,000 children aged 15-years from over 8,000 mixed-gender schools around the world. They discovered that the performance of boys was significantly better in schools where more than 60 percent of the pupils were girls.

Previous studies have shown that boys are strongly influenced by the school learning environment. With more girls in school, the implication is that the commonly attributed academic characteristics of girls, such as higher levels of concentration and motivation to perform, create a learning environment that has a positive influence on boys.

With reading an essential skill which can influence performance in other subject areas, the findings reveal the importance of gender equality in schools.

The study showed that the widespread poor reading performance of boys was emphasized when boys attend schools with a predominantly male student population. The results suggest that single-gender schools and vocational education, where subjects are often heavily weighted towards a particular gender, may not be beneficial to boys' learning. Policymakers should therefore consider introducing measures which encourage more equal gender distribution in schools.



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