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Boubyan Bank sponsors trophy for banking sector employees
March 22, 2016, 12:53 pm


The inauguration of Boubyan trophy was held at Kuwait Cricket’s Sulaibiya turf ground amid much fanfare in the presence of chief guest Kutaiba, Public Relations officer of Boubyan Bank. Boubyan trophy is being organized by Kuwait Cricket for bank team affiliated to Kuwait Banks club which is played every Saturday.

The tournament will be played in league format followed by the 4 semifinals and two finals. Nine bank teams divided in two groups will play a total of 22 matches at the Sulaibiya ground. The nine participating teams are Ahli United Bank, Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Boubyan Bank, Burgan Bank, Commercial Bank, Kuwait Finance House, Kuwait International Bank, Gulf bank and National Bank of Kuwait.

Qutayba Al-, Senior Manager, Corporate Communication, Boubyan Bank officially inaugurated the tournament by cutting a cake along with Boubyan cricket team members, other dignitaries in the presence of Kuwait Cricket officials. Mr. Bassam stated that Boubyan Bank was always happy to promote and encourage the game of cricket for banking sector employees and wished all the participating the very best.

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