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Boomerang – Kuwait’s first anti-bullying school outreach program
May 2, 2018, 2:03 pm

Alnowair – the first non-profit organization in Kuwait and the GCC committed to driving positive social behavior change – announced a new educational program called ‘Boomerang’.

Boomerang is Kuwait’s first anti-bullying school outreach program that uses creative drama therapy and kindness habits to help 7000+ students across 14 private schools to rise above bullying.

Sponsored by Zain Kuwait in association with EQUATE Petrochemical Company, Boomerang was officially launched by Founder & CEO of Alnowair, Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah, at the New English School (NES). The launch event saw the staging of two interactive plays by students of year 6 at NES. Prior to their performance, the students participated in four rehearsal workshops to understand the problem of bullying and how to use kindness as an effective strategy through role-playing and practicing acts of kindness.

Speaking on the occasion, Sheikha Intisar said, “Bullying is prevalent in many schools in Kuwait and it can severely affect the academic grades, school attendance, personality development and health of students. Our program is the first of its kind to give bullies, victims and by-standers an opportunity to work together through the creative medium of performing arts to find effective solutions to bullying. Alnowair is always responding to community needs to create positive social behavior change, and I am very proud to see over seven schools joining the program to shape a future generation of confident, compassionate students.” 

For his part, Chief Corporate Communications and Relations Officer at Zain Kuwait, Waleed Al Khashti, commented: “We are pleased with the participation of a number of Zain employees in this initiative as mentors and guides to the students during the anti-bullying  workshops. Through our partnership with Alnowair, we are committed to support innovative programs such as ‘Boomerang’, which ultimately contribute to sending a positive image about the Kuwaiti society.

Senior Executive for Corporate Communications & Government Affairs at EQUATE, Dr. Abeer Al-Omar added, “Future generations are a major priority in EQUATE’s Sustainability Strategy, as they are a key component of our society and its progress. As they face a number of challenges, such as bullying, the youth deserve and require support from the society as a whole through all possible means, including the Boomerang educational awareness program.”

The event was a proud moment for the management, staff and students of NES as their students demonstrated a positive message on stage. “The students from NES Year 6 who acted in the play were Stephanie Riyad, Lilian Agha and Haya Kaadan,” said New English School Head Teacher  Mark Madeley. " We are delighted to partner with Boomerang to continue our tradition of promoting positive values which help students rise above bullying.”

Over the next academic year, Boomerang will continue to visit private schools to  conduct drama therapy workshops, perform plays and roll out kindness activities. 

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