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January 14, 2018, 1:10 pm

Bonchon, a renowned Korean Fried Chicken concept, has amassed world-wide fame in New York and Asia, with its delectable, freshly hand-crafted chicken. Start off your Bonchon experience with fish cake dumplings drizzled in an expertly balanced soy-garlic sauce, before diving into the main appetizer—little, juicy chicken bites breaded to perfection and drizzled in a beautiful honey and molasses sauce. At Bonchon, you can relish their signature Korean fried chicken in several ways, from drumsticks, wings, boneless strips, to sliders, served either slightly sweet or go spicy, or get the best of both worlds and go with half garlic, and half spicy.

Experience more Korean delicacies and modern takes on classics; let your culinary palate explore their variety of menu offerings.

Popular dish:  Royal court favorite of Tteokbokki

Location: Al Bida’a at Dhai Complex

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