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Bollywood stars celebrate Eid
July 30, 2014, 1:47 pm

Mahesh Bhatt observes fasts during Ramadan as a tribute to his late mother and says he looks forward to “uniquely designed vegetable biryani” on Eid. His colleague Shabana Azmi enjoys the festival by feasting with loved ones and appreciates it for “the goodwill” and “continuity of tradition”.

Here is what celebrities tweeted about the festival celebrated in India on Tuesday:

Shah Rukh Khan: What a beautiful rain-kissed day... Eid Mubarak. May Allah grant us all with peace & a modicum of happiness. Bas itna sa khwab hai [I have only this many dreams] .... To Pray Namaz with my kids is perhaps the highest happiest & most heartening part of Eid. May Allah keep the children of the world healthy.

Mahesh Bhatt: Celebrations begin tonight as soon as we spot the moon. Like every year we usher in Eid by playing the song Gali mein aaj chand nikla from my last directorial film Zakhm. I look forward to eating my Eid speciality, a uniquely designed vegetable biryani made specially for me by my neighbour. Do you know I keep all the roza [fast] in the memory of my mother? I’ve been doing that since 1998 after her demise.

Shabana Azmi: I’ll be celebrating at home with family and close friends as has been the norm. During earlier times, abba’s [father Kaifi Azmi] friends would drop in and the standard fare was dahi vadas and sheer khorma. Now, everybody just comes for lunch. Biryani, kebabs, aloo gosht, chicken dum, mirchi ka salan and sheer khorma is the Eid menu.

On the night before Eid, everyone pools in to cut the badaam and pista for the sheer khorma. Kids put on mehendi, bangle-wali [sellers] comes to make jodas for all and everybody waits with bated breath to sight the ‘Eid Ka Chand’. Alas, the ghararas [traditional dress] have made way for the more practical salwar-kurta. Kids look forward to their Eidi [gift]. I love the goodwill and the bonhomie and most of all, the continuity of tradition.

Adnan Sami: My wife Roya and I will spend Eid with close friends. Our thoughts and hearts are with the people of Gaza and the tragic times they are enduring. May the Lord have mercy on them.

Zarine Khan: My entire khandaan [family] comes together on Eid. Then in the evening, we will visit friends.

Hrithik Roshan (@ihrithik): “Eid Mubarak beautiful people. People give love effortlessly on Eid n also receive without hesitation. Let’s learn to make everyday Eid.”

Anurag Basu (@basuanurag) : “Eid Mubarak to everyone !! Lets pray for the people of GAZA & kids who lost their lives.”, followed by: “Gaza Attacked on Eid Day-Americans hv successfully laid foundation for a Christmas day attack on them in near future..When will this stop.”

Karan Johar (@karanjohar): Jul 28 Eid Mubarak to and peace of mind....May the season enrich and enlighten you in equal measure.....

Abhishek Bachchan (@juniorbachchan): “Eid Mubarak to all of you. Happiness, peace and prosperity.”

Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra): “Chaand Mubarak... A day of peace and blessings... May God bless the world..”

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