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Bold lipstick shades
October 30, 2016, 10:37 am

You have selected the best Diwali outfit along with the most amazing jewelry, but you are still wondering about your makeup. You may decide to go au natural, and instead focus on making a statement with your pout. A bold choice lipstick can introduce just the right edge to your look to make you stand out.

So this Diwali, if you want to play with your look, then avoid the usual lipsticks and opt for really bright and unusual shades. Go for some of the hottest hues of orange, black or purple this festive season. Here are some bold choices for this Diwali.

Classic red:  You can never go wrong with the classic red, and it will compliment any style of Diwali festive wear. The bright red color never fades and works well this every festive occasion. Choose between a bright glossy, velvety or matte colored red lipstick. However, keeping in mind colorful Diwali clothing attire, your best option is a matte shade of red to get plush rich lips.

Tangy orange: If you don’t want to go with the most obvious choices of red and pink lipsticks, opt to wear an orange lipstick that is equally festive this Diwali. You can select from a variety of orange shades and it works well on every skin tone.  For those unsure with this too bright shade, pick an orange lipstick that is a little shiny and gives a sheer coverage. An orange lipstick with a little less pigmentation will make it easier for you to play with the color.

Earthy brown: If you want an earthy look, opt for shades of brown for the perfect minimalist makeup look. One great thing about the brown shade is that if you wear it with the right amount of bronzer and highlighter on your face, your features will be enhanced by a monochrome makeup look.

Purple: Play up the festivity of the season with a purple shade of lipstick, and the right dash of eyeliner. This must-have shade is firmly planted in wearability, and depends on how you want to wear it. It can be barely there, or it can be bright, or it can be vampy. It can also be somewhat of a neutral. 

Dramatic black: There is nothing fiercer than opaque, black lipstick. In the season of the bold lip, a jet-black pout is the one to rule them all. It just takes the right prep work and products to create quite a contrast between a black lipstick and your festive outfit, particularly if it has darker shades.

While it may be tempting to play up this look with smoky eyes or graphic liner, you don't want to upstage your black lips. Go simple and neutral elsewhere: a medium-to-full-coverage foundation, a soft flush of cheek color, a wash of shimmer on the eyelids, and a sweep of mascara. The trick here is that everything else should be classic and soft in contrast to the harshness of the black lip.


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