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Boby Chemmanur International Jewelers’ 3rd showroom in Kuwait inaugurated at Mahboula
August 9, 2014, 4:52 pm

The world’s first jewelry group with BIS and ISO certification for the quality of 22  karat 916 gold jewelry, Boby  Chemmanur International Jewelers, with a trusted tradition of 152 years, opens its 3rd showroom of Kuwait in Mahboula. Famous film actress Karishma Kapoor inaugurated the showroom in the grand function. Diamond division was inaugurated by Dr. K.T Rabiyullah (Chairman and Managing Director, Shifa, Al Jaseera Medical Group). An immense collection of 22 karat gold ornaments and exclusive diamond jewelry is arranged in the showroom.

The evening witnessed a large crowd swarming the event to catch a glimpse of their favorite Bollywood star Karishma Kapoor. The event started off at 4 pm with a natural percussion art from Kerala called "Shinkari Melam".  Biju Balakrishnan Nambiar and Lucia were the hosts for the evening. There was a lot of rhythmic music throughout the evening lead by the celebrity singer Preethi Warrier, who was accompanied by Sumitha Nair , Remya,Tijo Antony, Cyril, Mohd. Salih and Mithun.

The crowd was in high spirits, and there were cheers and applause as the performance was going on. It became a challenge for the security personnel and the Police to control such a huge crowd. It intensified when the most-loved celebrity actress entered the venue at 5.45 pm. Karishma waved at the crowd and expressed her thanks and gratitude for such a warm welcome to Kuwait. The actress even danced a few steps to a song from a movie she had starred in.

After inaugurating the showroom, the actress left the venue at 6.25 pm. The show was on till 8 pm with a lot of other colorful presentations. The Famous Dance Group from Kuwait Heartbeatz enthralled the crowd with their dance numbers. It was a new experience for the people gathered when they saw the Egyptian art form, “Tanoura Dance”. The grand event came to a dazzling finish by 8 pm.

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