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Blush application tips for different formulas
September 28, 2015, 2:22 pm

T here are some things in your makeup arsenal that are an absolute must, and blush ranks high on that list. It is a key component for looking youthful and vibrant, which is essentially why women wear makeup in the first place. Nothing takes you from “I should still be in bed” to “I’m ready for everything—even work” quite like a rosy flush. That said, applying blush in a way that makes it effective isn’t always in-built in women. Here are some blush tips on how to approach different types of blush products.

Powder blush: With powder, first find your unique focal point, which is what you will want to emphasize, by smiling in the mirror to see where the apples of your cheeks “pop.” Dip a soft, fluffy blush brush into your powder formula of choice, dust off the e x c e s s and sweep the color over the apple. Be sure to blend, blend, blend by sweeping out and back toward the center of the ear in a subtle swoosh. Powder blushes have the added benefit where if you combine neutral and brighter shades of blush, you may get the best flush ever. The method is to apply a warm, neutral peach or apricot hue along the cheekbones, and then dab a pink or rosy tone to just the apples. In the same way that combining lipsticks adds dimension to the lips, combining blush shades is a modern way to contour and play up your cheeks.

Cream blush: Cream blushers are great if you want that dewy effect on your skin. For this reason they compliment foundations, with a smooth finish, as well as tinted moisturisers for a natural fresh look. Using a cream blusher is great for all skin types apart from oily skin as the cream blush may seem too heavy for application. To apply a cream blush, stipple it on with a flat top kabuki brush; then blend and contour. Start at the strongest point of color which should be in the center of your apple cheek – the place you would naturally have color if you just ran up a flight of stairs. Also, you should know that cream formulas give cheeks a glow-from-within effect when applied with a fingertip or a latex sponge, which also offers great blendability while being hygienic.

Liquid blush: Perfect to use on top of your foundation, and as an added bonus you can get an intense colour if you work on the application properly. To apply, dot along your cheeks and blend, preferably with fingers as the liquid texture is thin. Once you have done this, you can further blend with a flat top buffer brush so that the result looks seamless. Liquid blushers can be used on all skin types except for maybe mature skin as this blusher tends exaggerate any imperfections and lines on the skin.

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