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Blue Nights curated by Mark Dean
May 15, 2017, 5:06 pm

Sultan Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of it’s next exhibition, Blue Nights, which features the work of eleven contemporary artists. Curated by Mark Dean, this group show of contemporary pop art is a continuation of the Miami-based gallery DEAN PROJECT’s biannual collaboration.

The exhibition’s title takes it’s name from Joan Didion’s memoir, Blue Nights, originally published in 2011. Much like Didion – a writer known for exploring the cultural values and experiences of American life — the works in this group show comment on contemporary pop culture and the current global mood. Visually, all the works in Blue Nights contain or are the color blue. Similar to Didion’s titular reference to the final lingering hours of daylight in summer, the blues used in the show warn of darkness, though simultaneously seem to suggest that it may never come. Figurative and abstract, the exhibited works are executed in diverse media, yet cohesively come together to speak about the universal contemporary human experience and to export these ideas from the United States to Kuwait.

DEAN PROJECTs first exhibition in Kuwait was ten years ago, and for the gallery, this project marks the passage of time and an anniversary. Blue Nights brings together diverse artists working across disciplines to address contemporary issues of our existence and to share these experiences with a broader, more global audience.

Opening: Tuesday, 16 May, 2017; 7 – 9pm
Exhibition Dates: 17 May – 15 June; 10am – 4pm
(Closed on Fridays, Saturdays and Public Holidays)

Date: May 16 (Tuesday) - June 15 (Thursday)
Location:The Sultan Gallery



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