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Blend eyeshadow the right way
May 11, 2015, 3:59 pm

From natural, barely-there looks to the smokiest of eyes; applying eye shadow is something that most women take part in every day. While it is a great way to enhance eye color, shape and definition, some beauty fanatics are still trying to figure out what colors look good, and how to blend the right hues to make their peepers pop. Here are some tips on how to blend eye shadow that will make you an expert in no time.

Don't stop blending:  The first rule of blending eye shadow is to continuously blend. The reason for this particular tip is the more you blend your shadow, the more seamless it looks. A contouring eye shadow brush is best for this, as you can get a better blending effect by swirling the tip of the brush in a circular motion into the crease of the lid.

Know your eye shape: While all eye shapes are different, there are certain ways to blend eyeshadow that are specific to each one. For instance, if you have deep- set eyes, blending a darker colored shadow in the crease is not ideal. Stick to lighter, more natural-looking colored shadows, especially under the brow. If you have almond shaped eyes, blending shadow in the crease is alright, but don't blend it higher than the natural fold. This will ensure your makeup looks seamless, not exaggerated.

Type and texture: Eye shadows have many types of finishes and textures. From frosty and sparkly, to matte and cream, there are specific blending techniques for each. If your eye shadow has a frosty finish, limit it to the lid only and blend with a flat shadow brush for more impact. If it is sparkly, blend in the crease only. For cream eye shadow you can be more liberal with the blending, especially if the hue is a natural one. Blend with your finger starting on the lid, all the way up to the brow bone.

Eyeshadow normally looks extremely pigmented in packaging and most people don't realize that despite the first impression, you can make shadow look very light and sheer on the eyes. The trick is to blend the color down until it becomes almost like watercolor. A bright shadow that is blended well is the perfect way to add soft color without being a distraction. If you are not into bright colors, Try a gold or bronze shadow first and apply it lightly to the lid with your finger or eyeshadow brush.

You can create many beautiful looks by using a lipstick or matte lip pencils as eyeshadow. Simply learn to blend with your eye contour brush to add a subtle and sultry color as a perfect pop on the lids. Lip colors doubling as eyeshadow colors are also a great way to add versatility to your existing products.

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