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Biryani festival at Taal
March 18, 2014, 4:13 pm

Enjoy Kuwait’s spring with the splendid & finger licking Biryanis from Taal. Taal’s Biryani festival is the perfect place to quench your craving for the best biryani available in town. The rich aromatic flavors and fragrance of steaming hot Biryanis makes Taal the most delectable destination to satisfy their taste buds. The Biryani festival offers a wide range of mouthwatering specials with a fine mélange of non-vegetarian Biryanis as well as vegetarian biryani.

The non-vegetarian menu includes Keema Chicken Biryani, Chicken Kofta Biryani, Jaffrani Mutton Chop Biryani, and Tiger Prawn Biryani. Our vegetarian star biryani is the Tarkari Biryani. All our biryanis are cooked using the best of ingredients available to us with the finest Basmati Rice to give you mouthwatering aromas of exotic spices & flavors. So give your taste buds a royal treat with a delectable variety of Biryani at Taals Biryani Festival.

Venu: Taal Restaurant, Al Arjan Complex, Al Bid’a, Al Ta’awn Street.

Dates: April 1, 2014 – April 30, 2014


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