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Biryani Pot
August 15, 2018, 3:53 pm

A vibrant Indian restaurant that serves good, satisfying and tasty Indian food. Enjoy the fusion of Indian spices with great flavors in their variety of dishes, some well-known favorites including Chicken Biryani and creamy Butter Chicken. The menu contains a variety of Indian dishes that exceed expectations in their presentation and taste. The delicious Prawn dish in the style of tandoori and tikka dry cooking style is good for sea food lovers, and is one of the bestselling starters. Their range of seafood is well-done and rich in taste. Another tasty dish is ‏their Chicken Mix Platter, grilled marinated chicken with capsicum prepared according to their own secret recipe. Find the best of Indian cuisine here!

Popular dish:  ‏ Chicken Biryani

Contact: Located at Salmiya; Call: 25651007-66624606-55221154-22205088-22205044

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