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Birthday party themes
July 30, 2013, 11:49 am

Birthday parties are easier and more fun to plan when all the party details can fall within a theme. You can choose from any number of themes, ranging from girly to off-beat or simple. The theme you choose should reflect your child's age, the number of guests you plan to have and their interests.

Themes for girls

Girly themes can work for little princesses or divas-in-training. Choose from common themes, such as a spa day where the girls rotate through stations for facials, hairstyles and pedicures, or elegant themes, like a garden tea party with fancy teas and hats. A princess dress-up party might work best for younger girls, whereas a diva party would be more fitting for a 'tween or teen girl. Have little girls dress up with shoes, dresses, boas and tiaras and have older girls create new fashions out of scrap fabric or aluminum foil and put on a fashion show.

Adventurous Themes

Use an active-based theme for your son's birthday party. For example, arrange for sports and games lessons or self-defense lessons. These will wear the young guests out, while providing fun and educational activities. Plan an "around the world" theme where each part of the party relates to a different country or continent. For example, send airline ticket invitations and decorate the entrance of your party space like an airport. Make passports for each guest with their picture on it and stamp it after each "location." For example, watch a movie about Antarctica, partake in French cuisine, paint African warrior masks and listen to music from Hawaii. This might work best for a sleepover, which will give you more time and more opportunities to try different foods. 

Simple Themes

Simple themes can be the easiest to pull off, yet still provide room for creativity and fun. Choose a single color, such as hot pink for girls, where the color is represented on the decorations and food. Guests should bring gifts wrapped in the designated color. Use shapes as the theme of the party, such as polka dots. Polka dots will be visible on the invitations, the decorations and the birthday girl. Serve round foods, especially pizza, crackers, cookies and sandwiches. Popular Themes Incorporate the latest band, movie, character or reality show into your child's birthday party. For example, if there is a new singer that your son or daughter and their friends are crazy for, send them to a concert or create one at home. Play the band or singer's music during the arrival and games, and watch their music videos while eating.


Don't force a color or theme just because you think it is cute. Instead, choose something your child likes. If you want the theme to be a surprise for them, always take their preferences and hobbies in consideration to decide on the theme. For example, host a craft-theme party, which could include making T-shirts, pillow cases, scrapbooks or jewelry for girls. Plan extra games or activities in case your son's guests aren't interested in some of the things you have planned. 

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