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Biorga Dermatologie launches new hair care formula in the Arab region
November 3, 2016, 2:49 pm

Italian dermatology leader, Biorga Dermatologie Company recently launched ECOPHANE in Kuwait, a haircare formula specifically suited for women in the Arab region with all the needed oils, nourishments, minerals and vitamins for a shinier and thicker hair.

When it comes to your hair type, female equality doesn’t seem to exist! Each woman has her own hair type and it usually seems to be an everyday battle trying to control dry, damaged, oily or thin hair.  Various factors such as illness, stress, iron deficiency, thyroid gland diseases, heat and heated styling products as well as pollution can lead to rapid hair loss.

In today’s world, there are countless solutions to ensure beautiful, healthy hair. Biorga Dermatologie Company offers a different solution through ECOPHANE, which enables every Arab woman to truly relish her crowning glory. Biorga Dermatologie developed a specific formula that suits the nature of Arab countries that provides the perfect remedy for women with damaged hair with all the needed oils, nourishments, minerals and vitamins for a shinier and thicker hair.

The ECOPHANE solution comes in two different ways. Firstly, the ECOPHANE supplements are rich in Cysteine, Zinc, Vitamin B and Spiruline that comprises high percentages of iron and also contains nutrients that helps the body absorb a large amount of iron for maximum efficacy. This significant formula helps revitalize damaged hair and rebuild hair keratin, as well as aiding in nail strengthening.

In addition, ECOPHANE offers an intensive shampoo multiple vitamins that revive and thicken the hair, as well as strengthening its roots. In addition, it helps to keep it also moisturized for a longer period.

Renowned trichologist in Kuwait, Dr. Shaimaa Al Kandary “Specialist dermatologist and venerologist at Al Jahra Hospital commented on Ecophane by saying “As always, Biorga Dermatologie Company offers us everything we need to look simply amazing. The new ECOPHANE products have all the necessary elements that work on nurturing the hair from both the inside and the outside to make it more shiny and healthy.”

Many women color and process their hair which usually causes hair and follicle damage and these women resort to a quick and temporary fixes for their hair like the Keratin treatment that doesn’t last for long.

Furthermore, for those who wear the veil, there are both pros and cons when it comes to protecting their hair as although the veil protects the hair from the harmful sunlight, it also causes the scalp sweat, which provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which causes follicle inflammation.

Therefore, Biorga Dermatologie advises all women to use the shampoo and supplements that revitalizes the hair and strengthens its roots, especially the ones rich in Cysteine that is considered a primary pillar in building hair follicles and nails. In addition to Cysteine, the utilization of wheat germs that were used back in the days till today as an oil treatment to protect and nourish the hair as perfect as it is full of minerals and vitamins like vitamin B, Omega 3, Iron and Calcium that help in hair growth.

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