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Bhavans organizes Fruit Salad Day
September 27, 2017, 4:47 pm
Bhavans Indian Educational School (IES) and Jack and Jill, have designed their Kindergarten curriculum in such a way that children learn by their experiences.

Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. They give us energy and protect us from diseases. Including fruits in our diet is indeed essential, especially for little children. From early childhood, children should be encouraged to consume fruits. Preparing fruit salads would be the ideal way to make children eat fruits. It will include all the fruits that contain a particular vitamin and hence, would ideally be nutritious and healthy. To make the children be aware of the importance of including fruits in their diet,  fruit salad day was celebrated by the Kindergarten section.

This year, fruit salad day was celebrated on 20  September, 2017. The children were asked to bring a fruit of their choice. The teacher prepared a fruit salad by mixing all the fruits and served them in little bowls brought by the children. They savoured every bit of it and thus learnt more about fruits through their senses, by seeing, smelling and tasting them. They also learnt the importance of hygiene, of washing the fruits well before consuming.

The school takes an oath to make this little Kindergarten a haven for the little scholars to grow mentally and physically into healthy humans of tomorrow.



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