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Bhavans’ kindergarten organizes sports day
December 24, 2017, 12:43 pm

Physical exercises are very important for the overall physical and mental well being of a child, which is why children are encouraged to run, jump, hop and participate in other physical activities. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body as it enhances the self-esteem and confidence in the children.

Bhavans Indian Educational School (IES) and Jack and Jill, provide a consolidated learning system which include art, music, and sports. An exclusive sports day was conducted for the little kindergarteners, and they enjoyed participating in different sporting events such as running race, hanging the sock, beading the thread and others for both boys and girls. 

The final list is prepared, and the finalists compete on the main sports day.  The sports day was held on 29 October. The Physical Education teachers of KG, made all the necessary arrangements and the PED teachers of other departments also extended their full support to make this event a memorable one for the children. The children cheered for their classmates as they competed, and the winners were declared after each race. The prize distribution was held on the 13 November, with winners awarded medals and certificates by the principal and the vice principal.

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