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Bhavans basks in the brilliant CBSE Results of Grade 10
May 30, 2016, 4:21 pm

Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) congratulated 105 stupendous scholars of grade 10 for contributing to the pride of excellence of IES yet again, with their outstanding achievement of the 37 CGPA of a perfect 10 (35.24 percent), 31 students have a CGPA between 9 &10 (29.4 percent), 21 have CGPA between 8&9 (20 percent), 11 above CGPA 7 and none below CGPA 6.8. These achievements marks the many of IES wonderful successes that allows it to retain its striking position as a leader in enhancing students’ abilities and education endeavors.

The English Department is proud of the 67 students who scored A1s, 29 A2s and none less than 70 percent. The Hindi Department takes pride in the achievement of 26 aspirants who scored A1, 13 A2s and none less than 60 percnet out 45 students that took the examination.

The French Department had 43 students appear for the examination and has 15A1s and 13A2s. Bhavans Kuwait is the only school in Kuwait that offers Sanskrit as the 2nd language to its students and the department has 15 A1s and 2 A2s out of the 17 students that appeared for the examination. The Mathematics Department has 46 A1s and 24 A2s while the Science Department has 47A1s and 27A2s. The Social Science Department proudly acknowledges the achievements of the 53 excellent scholars who scored A1, 17 A2s and none less than 60 percent.

The Chairman of Bhavans, Middle East,  N.K. Ramachandran congratulated the students and the teachers for the monumental success and the parents for their support and faith in Bhavans. Principal of Bhavans, T Premkumar expressed his contentment and extolled the efforts of the scholars and the unfaltering solidarity of the pedagogues, the key factors that validate their eminence to excel time and again in academics, sports, arts and other fields. 

The year 2016 is studded with the striking success stories of IES, befittingly, when it is blissfully celebrating its 10 years of profound prominence in the field of education.

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