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Bhavans basks in its excellence on 11th Anniversary of Founder’s Day
September 18, 2017, 2:21 pm

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, fraternity in Kuwait celebrated its 11th Founder’s Day, in the school auditorium on 15 September, 2017 as a symbol of respect and gratitude towards the Founder and Chairman of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan institutions in the Middle East, N. K. Ramachandran Menon, a great visionary with many a mission.

The Chief Guest of the day was the Chairman’s better half, the woman whom N.K. Ramachandran Menon found in the quest for perfection, Madam Sudha Ramachandran. Along with N.K. Ramachandran Menon, principals and administrators of Bhavans Kuwait Fraternity graced the occasion with their esteemed presence. The invitees comprised the teachers, parents and media friends.

The Junior Library christened 'Tagore Library' was inaugurated by the Chief Guest before the formal function commenced. Further in the auditorium, the event of magnificence unfurled with the recital from the Holy Quran by Mr. Jaber (Dept. of Islamic Studies) followed by the prayer song (written by Sunil Kumar Menon (Dept. of Sanskrit) and composed by Sijitha Rajesh (Dept. of Music) rendered by the school choir.

The ceremonial lamp was then conjointly lit by the Chief Guest Madam Sudha Ramachandran, Mr. Ramachandran Menon, the founder of Bhavans Middle East, and the Principals of Bhavans Kuwait, T. Premkumar, Mahesh Iyer and Rathi Ravindran. The proud gathering was welcomed by Mr. Iyer, the Principal, Smart Indian School Kuwait. The floral bouquets of love, respect and appreciation were extended to the guests and special invitees by the School Supreme Council members.

Essence of Excellence: 'Stree Parva'

An invocation dance staged by the talents of Bhavans, marked the beginning of the cultural fiesta of the evening. The curtain was drawn to delineate the multi-dimensional life of the most powerful and perfect creation of God, woman, Sthree, the Aadhiparasakthi, the Sarwagunadhaayini, the Sarwajnaneshwari and the Shakthiswaroopani.

‘Sthree Parva,’ the epic dance drama, conceptualized by the principal, Mr. Premkumar and directed by E.P Prasad (Senior PGT, Dept. of English), portrayed the lives of many legendary Indian women from the glorious past, and some of the brightest minds of the country in the present. The skit transported the auditorium through time to witness some of the unconquerable women of the past and the present. 

The auditorium echoed with sonorous plaudits and the audience was spellbound by the sublimity of the characters depicted by the top-of-the-line actors and dancers of Bhavans, Kuwait. The cultural fiesta conveyed the message that woman is the source of life, happiness and peace so she should be revered, admired and adored. It was indeed a true dedication and celebration of womanhood. A wonderful folk dance performance by the dynamic teachers of Smart Indian School Kuwait received roaring applause.


Pintu Kumar Bhunia, Executive Manager, Gulf Bank, shared his experiences as a parent for the past 11 years, and extolled the efforts of the management and the teachers in imparting quality education, and expressed his happiness as a contented parent.

He said, “I don’t regret my decision to keep my child in Bhavans even in the senior secondary classes. I request the other parents too to rethink, and analyze carefully before comparing a school that imparts high quality education with highly qualified teachers, to any other school.” He also extolled the efforts of the management in planning the holidays, the examinations and the timing of the school in the best interest of the students."

Shivani Menon of grade 10 expressed her sincere gratitude to Bhavans for having moulded her into a person who could face an audience with confidence.

Sushma Joe (Supervisor, Kindergarten, IES) expressed her sincere gratitude to the management for the many opportunities provided for the teachers to grow and for the transformation the school continues to bring out in the teachers. “Not a single teacher leaves the school without professional and personal growth.”

Wrapped in love, reverence and gratitude

Madam Sudha Ramachandran, the Chief Guest of the day was bestowed upon the love and respect by the Bhavans, family in the form of a present by Mr. Premkumar.  In her simple expression of her humble heart, she reminisced her journey with the great visionary, whom she termed as a workaholic, a journey which catapulted from a single terrain into multiple terrains of life.

She said, she was very content that she could play her part in the journey of their life to perfection that she could gift him a stable family life in return.  Her simple speech of stainless wit and wisdom found a cozy harbor in the minds of the invitees and it fountained up into many different hues when she received a standing ovation clung with thunderous applause.

The Founder with a Midas Touch

Mr. Ramachandran Menon, the Chairman, Bhavans Middle East, was also presented a gift by Mr. Iyer on behalf of the Bhavans family, and a canvas of scenic beauty created by Mukundan Pazhanimala, the Head of the Department of Art. 

Mr. Menon  was given a standing ovation by the audience for expanding an excellent and exceptional educational empire in the Middle East and in India, under his able guidance, to comprise more than 15 institutions in a span of 11 years. Mr. Menon exhorted the staff to utilize their infinite potentials of elephantine proportion to grow professionally and reconstruct the fabric of society to build the platform for a better world for the future generation and themselves to live in.

Mr. Premkumar, the Principal, IES Kuwait was also gifted with a portrait created by Mr. Mukundan on behalf of the Bhavans Fraternity in appreciation of the coveted award that he received from the CBSE.  Mr. Premkumar exalted the team who relentlessly worked behind the marvelous visualization of the epic dance drama ‘Sthree Parva’.


In honour of their sincere and enthusiastic efforts, members of the staff were felicitated with mementos and certificates for completing ten and five years of exemplary service respectively, as well as for offering their services as coordinators and for regularity in attendance. 

Sudhi A.K (Department of Physics), Mrs. Deepamol (Department of Mathematics) and Mussarat Parker (Coordinator, Department of Commerce), who made the school proud by painstakingly preparing and eventually producing toppers in Kuwait, were also awarded certificates of appreciation for their tireless efforts and sincerity.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Meenakshi Nayyar, Vice Principal, CCA, IES. The emcees for the day were Liju Joseph and Hima Nirmal (Department of English). The 11th Founder’s Day concluded with a sumptuous buffet dinner hosted by the school management in honor of the invitees.


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