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Bhavans Principal T.Premkumar appointed as CBSE Tele-Counselor
February 6, 2017, 9:48 am

Counselling and guidance services in school education in India had been a pristine domain until intervened by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Far back in 1998 CBSE became the first and perhaps the only board of education in the country   which   began   to   providing   psychological   counseling   services   to   the stakeholders.

In India the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been a pioneer of Tele-counselling services in school education.  The  board  initiated  this  beneficial service in the year 1998 and each year has been improvising the process to reach out to the larger student community in India and other countries (through schools affiliated to CBSE).

T. Premkumar, principal of Indian Educational School, Kuwait popularly known to everyone in Kuwait as Bhavans School has been appointed by CBSE as the tele-counselor vide their letter 22 December. The choice of Premkumar is based on the fact that he has been an excellent educator, good student counselor and an able administrator for over three and half decades in the Middle East with outstanding track records to his name.

Premkumar is recognized as student counselor by couple of Universities in USA and Cornell being one of them. The students recommended to these Universities have been admitted and some with scholarship. In Kuwait, he has been a tele-counselor for the last few years and a large number of parents and students have benefitted from his counseling sessions that he gives between 8pm and 10pm.

Premkumar provides tips for learning, motivates, planning the preparation for the final phase of examination, exercises for keeping fit and writing techniques for better scoring in the examination to cite a few areas. This year too he can be reached over phone between 8pm and 10pm everyday starting from 9th Feb 2017. His contact number is 66231493.

Features of Tele-counselling:-
Tele-counselling is offered by trained counsellors and Principals from within CBSE affiliated schools located in and outside India. In all 76 principals and counselors are identified for this purpose
It is a voluntary, free of cost service provided by the participants. It is offered twice in a year: Phase I Pre and during Exams, Phase II- Post result.
As of now, this service is being provided by principals and counselors on voluntary basis from affiliated schools across the world.
Tele-counseling, online counseling are also provided by the board twice a year with the help of the professionals free of cost.
Counseling is offered twice in the year:  Phase I (Pre-Exam) and Phase II (Post- Exam). The counseling services are provided to the students from 8 am to 10:00 pm by trained counselors, principals, teachers from all over the country and abroad on a voluntary basis. The feedback shows that it has had a powerful impact on the students as a support service during the examination and post examinations.

In  simple  terms  Tele-counselling  may  be  defined  as  a  service  whereby  a trained counsellor works with a student, or a group of students, by telephone, to enable the student(s) to explore personal situation, problems or crisis in a one- off or in an on-going longer term therapeutic relationship.

Though face to face counselling  may  help  a  client  getting  better  connected  with  a  counsellor  but telephone also proves to be therapeutic through the distance mode. Different people react to stress and tension in different ways; some feel safe by letting themselves become emotional in the physical presence of another person, while many others feel comfortable in sharing their problems to people in a non-personal way. It must be underlined that face to face counselling or Tele-counselling, both have their own pros and cons, and we cannot advocate one upon another. Indeed their importance is largely determined by the context.

Premkumar strongly feels that undue stress is created in the students during these months by their parents who set very high bench marks for their children based on the amount spent on private tuitions apart from the normal school fees. Teachers also have a share in building the stress in children as they have to prove their efficiency through the results that come out in May-June.

The third and the last stress building factor is the peer pressure that they face. During the last few years of counseling, Premkumar experienced this while chatting with the students who called him for assistance. A good understanding of the child by the parents and teachers can help the child perform much better with a calm a mind and cool head. Premkumar as a renowned Chemistry guru has been following this even today in the classes where he teaches Chemistry. “I am always available for any student or parent of any Indian School here in Kuwait and it is always a pleasure to serve those in need” Premkumar concludes.

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