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Bhavans Kindergarteners organize Mother’s Day Celebrations
May 21, 2017, 9:46 am

The kindergarteners of IES and Jack & Jill Mangaf celebrated Mother’s Day on 14 May. This special day came in as a total surprise for the tiny tots when the Principal wished all the teachers a happy mother’s day in the morning assembly. 

The day commenced with an interactive session, where the teachers briefed the children on the importance of the day. 

This was followed by a class activity, where the LKG children of IES, were given a colored heart-shaped construction paper.  The teacher helped the kids imprint their palm on the canvas with red paint, adding phrases of thanks and infinite love to their mother.

The UKG children of IES and the Jack and Jill KG made cards in shades of love, to carry home for their mothers.

Following the activity, a photo session was held before the decorated bulletin board. 

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