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Bhavanites win the Numero Uno title at MUN in Beijing
March 25, 2017, 6:03 pm

Bhavans, Kuwait created history yet again at the Model United Nations (MUN) organized by the Harvard University in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China. The MUN summit was attended by more than 1200 delegates across the globe. Shiv Govind Dahima, Aakash Sanjeev Kalantre, Saikrishna Balakrishna, and Urvish Chokshi Indian Educational School (IES), Bhavans Kuwait, attended the MUN summit as delegates.

The four-day conference started on 16 March and featured serious panel discussions on various topics ranging from Harvard admissions to the appreciation of the multitude of literary and art forms indigenous to various cultures all over the world. The panel discussions set the tone of the MUN and the delegates engrossed themselves in very many thoughtful discussions on various global issues. The delegates from Indian Educational School proved their mettle as they participated in special agencies of the MUN such as the Greek Ministerial Council, the Myanmar Cabinet, the NGO Convention, and the Press Corps. The délégation combinée had brainstormed on the issues raised and proposed draft resolutions with signatories before they were approved by the assembly.

Angel Jin, the secretary general of the Harvard Model United Nations, China expressed her pleasure over the professionalism displayed by the delegates, who flew in to China from various countries to celebrate the spirit of universal brotherhood and togetherness.

Ms. Angel Jin also congratulated the winners of the MUN conference. The proud Bhavanite, Shiv Govind Dahima (Grade 12, Commerce Stream) made it to the top position. Shiv Govind was declared the ‘best delegate’ of the Greek ministerial council and Sai Krishna Balakrishna (Grade 12, Science Stream) was honored with ‘commendable verbal mention’ for the Myanmar Cabinet at MUN Beijing.

The duo received certificates, gavels and medals for their awe-inspiring display of in-depth knowledge of the resolutions and their first-rate presentation skills that impressed the delegates at the conference. The Bhavan delegation then interviewed Ms. Jin, the secretary general of the Harvard Model United Nations, China. It was indeed their proud privilege to have an informal discussion with Ms. Jin.

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