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Bhavanites Returned with Resplendent Records
October 31, 2013, 1:38 pm

The wunderkinds of Bhavans returned to their alma mater, with the gust of their luminous laurels in the United Nations Simulation Conference, organized by Our Own Indian School, Dubai, on October 27, 2013 contesting with more than 15 renowned schools, including the British and American schools in the UAE.

The UNSC, with its objective to equip the 21st century learners with the working of organizations at an international level, assign the competing young delegates with the task of dealing with emergency situations and delicate issues like piracy, e-waste and so on and so forth,  thus enhancing their awareness and responsibilities as global citizens.

Bhavanites have returned triumphantly the fourth consecutive year. The exhaustive preparation, enviable eloquence and gorgeous gallantry of the illustrious intellectuals of Bhavans have ushered in the coveted prizes for draft resolution, best speeches and best speakers.

Head Boy of IES, Revanth Vishnuvajhala, Grade 12, stands headstrong with his accomplishment, the first prize for the ‘Best Draft Resolution in the General  Assembly’. D. R Pratyusha , Grade 10, has to her credit, dual victory, the first runner up position for the ‘Best Speech in the Security Council’ and the second runner up position for the ‘Best Draft Resolution’.  B.V Srividya , Grade 9, has made a mark by winning the first runner up position for the ‘Best Speech in the UNESCO’.

The UNSC with its innumerable contestants, diverse nationalities, multifarious segments and elite ambience and the unsurpassing victory have boosted the morale and verve of all at Bhavans. Chairman, Mr N.K Ramachandran Menon congratulated the participants,  Revanth Vishnuvajhala (Grade 12), D.R Pratyusha , Sharath Ganesh(Grade 10) and B.V Srividya (Grade 12).

Principal Mr T Premkumar eulogized the endless efforts of the skilful scholars  and the enterprising educators, Mrs Meenakshi Nayyar(HoD Social Science) Mrs. Ann Bindya Peter , and  Vice Principal Mrs Lalitha Premkumar.

The passionate pedagogues, with their meticulous mentoring and the erudite learners, with their intense innate craving have turned the delightful dreams to adorable accomplishments. With these amazing achievements, ever ready to challenge the challenges, Bhavanites continue their journey confidently.

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